Pull Up A Chair

May 15, 2021 – June 13, 2021

Pull Up A Chair! aims to purchase 24 brand new commercial grade folding chairs for $2,070 by June 13, 2021 (to meet ordering and delivery deadlines for an event on June 30, 2021), as an investment in the Chapel’s future as a place of Christian worship, community center, cultural event host, and meeting hub.

Thanks to two leadership pledges we are asking everyone to contribute whatever you can to match the pledges and bring in the new chairs.

The members of your Vestry and Chapel Foundation have pledged $517, from each group, for a set of 6 LIFETIME commercial grade chairs. As soon as a total of $517 is crowdsourced through donations, we will purchase 12 chairs with those donations combined with one leadership pledge. As soon as another accumulated total of $517 in donations is received, we will purchase 12 more chairs with those donations combined with the other leadership pledge and completing the fundraiser. This fundraiser is not for a capital improvement expenditure. The leadership pledges are out-of-pocket contributions and not be sourced from operational or Foundation budgets.

Make Your Donation:

You can mail a donation to CHAPEL OF ST. JOHN THE DIVINE, P.O. Box 541, Saunderstown, RI 02874

Nancy Scheib, Senior Warden, nlscheib@gmail.com

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